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Many of you might like to hear how we started the Warhammer hobby. It started 20 years ago when a friend could not stop talking about this great table top game that even Robin Williams played.

To be honest, I was very unimpressed. They looked like toys. In fact there was a lot of teasing that went on. Well, now 20 years later, the whole family is deeply involved. It is a point of discussion at every family gathering. No one laughs about it anymore. We are into it- I mean to the point of being strange to outsiders.

Warhammer Fantasy Lizardmen Carnosaur-RQC

Warhammer Fantasy Lizardmen Carnosaur-RQC

If people joke about it, I just remember that I did the same thing in the beginning. I just smile and think that 20 years later they may not think they are “toys”.

My wife does not play, but she is quite passionate about painting the models. Here is one of her first models- The Warhammer Fantasy Lizardmen Carnosaur.