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If you were getting ready to join a RPG ( Role Play Game) and did not feel like reading the entire Pathfinder ( D&D 3.5) book, watch this video!!! Pathfinder Tutorial for Race and Class.

Intro Video:


The “Dungeons & Dragons” game divided into two games – Pathfinder and “new” D & D. Pathfinder follows the original D & D game and is “open license” —– So if you know anyone who wants to learn Dungeons & Dragons… All the Pathfinder PDF files are FREE!!!

We are using v5.0 – Find it here:

Pete and John – Rage Quit Central – RQC

Pathfinder is based on D&D 3.5 and is a great Role Playing Game (RPG). If you like creating dungeons or just exploring them… This may be the game for you. We make learning simple! Enjoy the second Rage Quit Central episode on Pathfinder and subscribe so you don’t miss any new videos!