Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2020


Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2020 to Everyone! I hope everyone has an AWESOME Saint Patty’s Day and enjoys the fine work of my lads. Wear the GREEN or get the pinch! Celebrate the Irish or receive epidermis damage! Have a potato or get splinched! Tis always been the way and always will ladie, but it tis our wits that make us ….witty. Now go be a lad and get yur self a cabbage, tater, beef biscuit. And don’t be lettin any leprechauns steal yur snacks! Is thius not what a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day is about. By the way don’t forget to check out our Rage Quit Central News.

Watch Out For The Pinch

It is very easy to get a pinch on saint Patrick’s day. This is why Rage Quit Central has got your back. On St. Patty’s Day make sure to where a lot of green. Also make sure it is the right color green otherwise you still might get the big pinch. If all of these steps are followed more than likely you will not get pinched. 👍 Also when it is not St Patty’s day make sure you are always wearing orange because it is a Raging AWESOME Color!!! Also Don’t Forget to check out Rage Quit Central’s other YouTube videos because they aer RAGING AWESOME!!! 😡

Happy Saint Patrick's Day 2020

The Snacks

Woah you know we can’t give away whats going to happen in the video! But I can give you a hint of what the the next videos will be. Pssst you see those Snacks in that bowl that may or may not be the next videos. THATS ALL I’M GOING TO SAY! So STOP ASKING!!! I’m Sorry I just got a little RAGEN! But thats okay… You know what else is better than okay… Our inastgrams go check out @PeterRQC, @RageQuitCentral, and @JohnRQC for even more AWESOME content. If you RAGE ON!!!