Wargaming Chest #Warmongers #DIY


I built this for my Warhammer / 9th age terrain. It is a small chest and will be part of a Dwarf tavern I am building. It uses polystyrene which in this case is just 3M “pink foam” from Home Depot. I think it looks more purple now when you buy an 8 ft X 10 ft sheet… not sure why. Just a note if you are looking for it.



Sweet Dude Christmas Overwatch


Hey Guys….. Awesome new video With Extra Features
Welcome to the Christmas Special of Overwatch… Very Impressed with Blizzard’s New Christmas update, In one word Amazing…

I Hope Everyone Enjoys it..

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….No Joke M8

Did you like this video? Did it make you want to do a triple backflip..
Well then that was my goal