Call Of Duty Cold War’s latest Outbreak Event


The latest update for Call Of Duty Cold War Zombies the new Outbreak Event. This New Update is RAGEN! and will have more content soon to come so Subscribe and Share it so others they may see this Awesome New Update.


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New Doom Eternal Is Out


The brand New Doom Eternal Is Out NOW!!! Amazing Right. Well its actually been out since Friday but you can see it for yourself NOW!!! Sorry about all of the yelling I mean this is RAGE QUIT CENTRAL what did you think was going to happen. By the way if you haven’t already seen our YouTube channel RAGE QUIT CENTRAL What are you waiting for?!? GO check it out right now by clicking on the RAGE face. 😡

New Doom Eternal


MineCraft at Rage Quit Central

We are starting a series of awesome videos for new MineCraft game players. It will save you from all the long boring videos that people wade through to learn MineCraft. Be Bold… watch the MineCraft Xbox One / Xbox 360 MineCraft Basics Here is “Ore and Tools” MineCraft Xbox One…

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